Scientific Publications. Result, not process.

Scientific Publications. Result, not process.
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Answers for the most popular questions

  • 1. Does the company provide an official cooperation agreement?
    Scientific Publications provides services officially and operates exclusively within the legal framework. At the beginning of cooperation with each client, we conclude an agreement where we specify all the terms and conditions of cooperation. Our specialists provide documents on the work performed and an invoice, if it is necessary for reporting.
  • 2. How can I pay for the services rendered by your company?
    We work with payments of most banking systems and money transfers around the world in various currencies. This allows reducing commission fees. We work on full prepayment or partial prepayment in exceptional cases for some legal entities and individuals.
  • 3. Are the copyrights and confidentiality of the author preserved?
    All services of our company are provided with full confidentiality and unconditional preservation of the client's copyright. For example, if a customer wants to publish one article, but later replaces it with another, then employees' access to the previous version is limited. After a while, it is deleted from our database, work on it can be resumed only if the client sends it for publication again.
  • 4. When will I be contacted after submitting the application?
    Our specialists respond to each request as quickly as possible. If you left it in the morning, you will definitely be contacted the same business day. If the request was left late or on a weekend, the response will be received on the next business day.
  • 5. Is it possible to order a service that is not listed on the website (in the “Services” section)?
    Sure! We are guided by the principle of an individual approach to each client. That is why we respond to any request and try to help with each particular case. Our specialists have the competence to solve any scientific problem.
  • 6. Why are some of the services provided free of charge?
    We audit your manuscript for free: we verify its uniqueness, the level of necessary editing, and we can also help select a journal if you order a service package. These services do not require serious intellectual involvement compared to the layout, translation, or publishing of your scientific paper (comparison is drawn for a service package).
  • 7. Do you publish papers in all scientific areas?
    Our company employs many specialists in various scientific areas, we do not focus on a particular specialisation. Notably, 80 % of our publications are studies on chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, economics, law, medicine, ecology, pedagogy, and other related branches of these sciences.
  • 8. What terms of publication of the paper do you provide?
    The publication period in a high-quality journal takes on average from several months to a year. It all depends on the level of the material that was submitted by the author, and the requirements for the journal and its rating. In some cases, the publication of papers is possible in a sped-up fashion. This is not an advantage or a special service. For Scientific Publications, any publication is of top priority!
  • 9. What is the cost of a publication project based on?
    In the "Prices" section on the company's website, the estimated cost of services is indicated, since in our activities we rely solely on an individual approach to the implementation of publication projects. Each client request is unique and has a number of special characteristics: subject area, deadline, specific requirements, the level of preparation of the material for publication in a scientific journal. Accordingly, each of these factors affects the formation of a proposal for the cost of services.
    It is also important to consider the scientific goal of the author (defending a dissertation, obtaining a title, fulfilling the terms of a contract, reporting for a grant, etc.), since this has a direct impact on the need for additional complications. For example, the Ukrainian legislation clearly defines the procedure for awarding academic titles and degrees, as well as the requirements for scientometric indicators (quartile, percentile) of publication.
    Special attention should be paid to the following points:
    • To form the cost of the service "Hirsch index increase", a comprehensive analysis of the author's profile in the selected database is carried out, considering current and projected scientometric indicators, the specifics of the research area, the number of indexed publications, etc.
    • An individual proposal for the cost of completing an international online internship is formed based on the scientific goal of the researcher, the scope of research interests, and the required deadlines for submitting a report on advanced training. After receiving this information, the specialists of the Scientific Publications company select the most suitable internship programme.
    For more information on the cost of the company's services, please leave a request on our website

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